located in Fayetteville, sol nox studio is the perfect space for your next photoshoot, pop-up, or event.


Any set-up & clean-up necessary for your shoot is your responsibility during your time booked. Please arrive & pack up on-time to be respectful of others. If there’s an appointment after you, we will let you know. Bookings that leave the space more than 5 minutes after their end-time when another appointment is booked directly after them will be automatically billed a $30 late-fee.

$45 per hour

(2 hour minimum booking)


8x8 double sided rolling backdrop
variety of seamless backdrops ($25 fee)
miscellaneous light stands
canvas drop cloths
extension cords
spring clamps
4 c-stands


bluetooth speaker
lots of seating
clothing rack
desk workspace
plenty of parking
public restrooms
natural light (little)

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